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Are you CRAFTY?

We love CRAFT! With an ever-changing and almost limitless selection of amazing local regional and national craft beers and our amazing made from scratch craft-food menu, you have fantastic opportunities for success with the Malted Barley


We always strive for perfection; however, we know that perfection is a moving target. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to do what we do. As we grow, we want everyone on the Malted Barley team to contribute to our never-ending evolution to make our business better, faster and smarter!

Are you READY?

Your passion, energy and commitment for excellence are the required ingredients for success! You should be ready to work hard in a fast paced and exciting social environment! People love and respect the quality products and service we offer, and in the hospitality industry it is important that everyone is having a great time!


Our future is bright and will be what we make of it. As we expand and build our team, we want only the very best to join us and develop new markets. Are you ready to work together and join our team?

The Process

Get Started

STEP 1: Complete the Request Form!

Please complete our confidential information request form to begin the conversation. After we receive your information, we will contact you directly to discuss franchise opportunities in your area.

STEP 2: Do your homework!

After talking and answering any questions you may have, will we send you a link to download our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). This document contains all the information that you need to conduct a thorough due diligence, as it includes a detailed investment breakdown, estimated costs, historical company financial information, fee structure and contact information for all current franchisees.

STEP 3: Visit Us!

After completing your due diligence, it is time to come and visit us! Our corporate-affiliate training store is in beautiful downtown Providence Rhode Island! You will get to see it in action, meet the team, meet our customers and get your hands on some dough! Yes, your visit will include seeing how we make our delicious pretzels with a hands-on demonstration! Oh, and you will also get to see and sample our amazing craft beers too!

STEP 4: Moving forward!

At this point, we will both have all the information to know if we are each ready to move forward and work together to plan, build and open your very own Malted Barley!

Let's Get Started!

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